3 Really Bad Investment Ideas

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3 Really Bad Investment Ideas

Investment can be extremely tricky sometimes, especially for inexperienced people but even some of those who are most experienced will find it to be quite challenging at times. With all types of investment opportunities people are left questioning what is best for their future and whether they should try the newest fad or not. Despite all the careful planning and strategy you will find yourself to be overwhelmed by the investment opportunities that can be found out there. The following are just some of the investment decisions experts consider to be extremely risky. If you were thinking of giving them a try you should always proceed with great caution as they might involve more loss than you expected:

Commodity speculation – this type of investment is very risky because you will be faced with events that you cannot possibly predict. Commodity speculation seems to involve a very easy strategy: you buy the commodities and sell them when their need increases. Although it seems simple it can end up to be disastrous because of the potential risk.

Binary Options – Binary Options trading have been the new fad and just like a fad they are starting to fade. What Binary Options offer is a simple style of trading; basically you have a call and a put option that you choose for a certain asset and predict whether the asset is going to go up or down. It promises high returns and if that doesn’t seem like a red flag perhaps the exotic Binary Options might seem like it: Binary Options pairs where you can make a comparison between two assets or the One Touch option where people can predict whether a certain asset will reach or surpass a predetermined level.  Binary Option might work for some but many of the companies that offer them are scams. They give the user the illusion of predicting when in fact the whole process is more like gambling.

Collectibles – Before you frown you should know that collectibles are a great investment, if you are into them and have some knowledge when it comes to the general concept. But for those who want to invest in them just for the profit, they are a really bad idea. The problem is that if you are not interested in whatever you are investing you won’t know its true value and you might end up losing a lot of money as you might undersell or pay too much for a certain collectible.