Real Estate Abroad

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Real Estate Abroad

Buying real estate in the right places has always been a great strategy for good investment. However, the most important aspect is making sure that you choose the right country to make that purchase.

Unfortunately, investing in real estate is not like investing in other assets as real estate is pretty tricky as it is very high maintenance. You just don’t forget about your real estate after you buy it, you need to visit the property, maintain it and even improve it. Also, you might need to fix a few things if the property is older. But there are also a lot of benefits to this, benefits you probably didn’t even think about.

Some locations are better investments than others – there are some surprising locations that can give you great returns for your investments. Thailand is one as it doesn’t only offer cheap properties but also its amazing views and picturesque attractions. Thailand along with the countries like Indonesia or Malaysia offer that exotic and beautiful surrounding you always dreamed about when thinking about the perfect house. There is also another type of picturesque real estate in places such as the French Riviera or Tuscany, however, it is incredibly expensive and difficult to maintain. Thailand and other Asian countries offer that raw and extremely beautiful element with affordable prices and a more vibrant market.

Early Retirement – owning property in a less developed country or a country with a slow economy offers some advantages such as early retirement and extremely low cost of living. Not to mention other perks such as meeting interesting people, gaining new experiences and immersing yourself into another culture. Also, if you plan on getting residency in that particular country, owning real estate there can qualify you for a residency visa. You have to check the local legislature, but even if that’s not available, owning land or real estate can give you a great advantage if you ever decide to get a visa.

A diverse portfolio – if you are a real estate investor you might think that properties scattered around the US might be a good way to diversify but you are still making the mistake of investing in the same market. If the US property market goes down, so are your properties and by investing abroad you can do some risk management.

Reduce Travel Costs – If you pay taxes in the US you will be glad to find out that visiting and managing an investment property can be deductible from your tax. It’s a great way to reduce the travel cost especially if the property is high maintenance.